Continue Testing

I often spend too long tracking issues that could be solved in minutes or seconds rather than hours. After finding the cause of those issues I kick myself in the throat for not finding them sooner but along the way I end up fixing other issues that come up and improve the overall quality of the code. I see this as a net gain but there has to be a better way to get that effect.

The solution is simple, just set up unit testing and identify all potential corner cases. I am aware of unit testing methodologies but never really got around to implementing anything like that in any real projects. My repos for codingbat are the only projects that have any kind of automated testing and that is a problem.

Currently my only active projects are this site, Home Alone, and a few Awesomium related projects. This site would be a short and easy way to start due to the low number of functions. After that I can write tests as I go for Awesomium. Home Alone however is the big project that would benefit greatly from unit tests but it's the one where unit tests would be near impossible to write in a reasonable time frame. Perhaps I can write them as needed for functions and classes I add or modify.

2013-07-25 01:21:30