Home For Summer

Last week I moved back home from my dorm and will stay in Webster until September. It's nice to back back home with a network that isn't shit and doesn't have idiotic restrictions. Although I shouldn't expect much in the way of tech from a school that doesn't even redirect the non-www version of their site to www and considers it an invalid domain. I could rant about IT at school forever but I want this to be a general post about summer.

Last years summer project was supposed to be learning OpenGL and building a sandbox game but babysitting for ten hours a day really cut into the time I could put into the project. This year I have a normal job with a 40 hour work week and a variable schedule. It also pays more than double so that's nice. This year I want to buy some parts and repair the electric guitar I got in middle school. I think it was in eighth grade or maybe ninth that I set it against the door and my mom broke the neck while forcing it open. It wasn't in great shape before that but after I couldn't play it at all. It's been sitting in the case with a replacement neck for years so I want to fix it up and maybe start playing again.

I'm also looking into building a streaming-and-DX10+ PC considering that there are basically no options for streaming games on Linux and DirectX10 and higher games don't work with wine. I'll probably save that for the end of summer before Extra Life. Which I plan on participating in, raising atleast $500, and streaming every VALVE game. Year one of college was sub-par but towards the end it got interesting. Hopefully year two will be a lot better and I'll go from there. Might even go for a third year.

2013-05-23 13:04:34