Rated M for Must Play

If you follow my internet activity you probably have some relation to gaming, and have most likely heard of or played Grand Theft Auto V. I'm not going to review it but I will say that my list of complaints is around 10 or less and I don't see more than 2 or 3 of those still existing by the time of the PC launch so it's a pretty damn good game. It has a little bit of eveything from past GTA titles and strings them together very well. The addition of GTA Online is nice too.

About ten years ago Rockstar North made a game called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that was at the center of a lot of controversy regarding the sex scenes in the game. At one point the game had to be re-released with content not just disabled but removed from the disc entirely to stay at an 'M' rating. Just last month Rockstar has a new GTA title out that within the first few hours of gameplay shows a main character having sex with a drug addict in a trailer and shows two men on the side of the road... ermmm... commiting a crime of a sexual nature? Not that I condone that behavior by any means but I consider the inclusion of that sequence to be progress.

Ten years ago that kind of content would destroy a company, but we have studios like Rockstar that push a little further each time and are slowly but surely killing censorship. This is a good thing for gaming. The better we (as a community, and as game developers) can get at viewing and presenting these things in a mature way the better we will be. I've always said the responsibility lies with the parents to decide what their children are able to play and listen to and view on TV, and there is no way that I would let any kid of mine play this game before they are mature enough, but the fact that we have this content available to us and not walled off by some ratings board or watchdog group is good. Censorship is never worth freedom.

2013-10-14 15:57:59